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Black Ops

2010-10-06 18:39:55 by Quickdraw94

Hey people! I know we gotta have some gamers out there. If your a call of duty fan then I have a question for YOU!

Now everybody knows about Call of Duty Black Ops, By Treyarch. I'd like to hear from everyone of you that are excited and are awaiting this beast. Anyway, here are the questions:

What are your favorite new features in the game?

What do you think about the Wager Matches?

I'd especially like to hear your thoughts on the COD Points.
Thanks for your response, Have a great day!


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2010-10-06 19:09:04

COD points actually sounds like they ripped those from Reach, only now you buy guns instead of armor pieces.

i'm hoping that the multiplayer isnt as terrible as MW2s and the wager matches quite honestly sound like a bad idea.

however, i am rather exicted for the game, it sounds like it wont suck as hard as the old ones

Quickdraw94 responds:

Wow, you dont agree with the wager matches? why?
And technically, Halo Reach was announced after Black Ops so they took COD points from them, and even more technically, Counterstrike had money to buy stuff first way before either of them. I mean, Gun game came from Counterstrike.
Thanks for posting have a great day man!